rainy season

yesterday the prevailing wind was from the north (very mild) with a calm harbor.

this means it was a good time for my idc class to do their 800 metre swim and have a rescue workshop.

the wind shifted to the southwest and the rain came down.  a good time was had by all.

today it’s grey clouds, blue sky, and my laundry on line in the rain.

rainy season pisses me off.

hopefully i can start moving into the man cave today and start a pot of good old, down home chili.

maybe some mexican cornbread (though there aren’t very many mexicans here) and a six pack of cold salva vida.  that’s an eight course meal.  i’m living high on the hog and steppin’ in tall cotton.

the idc is going well.  standards and procedures along with theory remediation today (i know; i could have just said ‘review’.  that was for she whose name cannot be spoken although her initials are…just kidding Erin, i wouldn’t do that to you)

this laundry thing is getting outta hand.  i’m actually wearing shorts and a shirt of the same color.

jolly green giant, indeed.

you gotta be shitting me!


3 Responses to “rainy season”

  1. You sesquipedalian you!

  2. Ok, so let me see if I understand this right… you’re 2 people now too?

    Len Dresslar was the voice, Keith Wegeman the body…. and he wore a tunic & elf booties, not shorts & a shirt.

    Jeez, don’t these young kids know better?
    Jolly Green Giant my ass!

  3. Happy Birthday…a day or to late but I sent it.

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