so there i am having my fairly typical breakfast of coffee and penguinos (think chocolate cupcakes).

i tear the wrapper off of it and chomp into the first one.

a little stale but that’s not all that unusual as you know if you’ve read my post on oreos.

actually that’s not exactly true.  these things were so stale that i was becoming severely dehydrated just from having one in my mouth.  the moisture from my body could be heard making a great whooshing noise it was going into that little cake so fast.

but i persevered and continued eating until they were all gone.  i’m a dive instructor, i haven’t got enough money to be able to just throw food (or beer) away just because it’s stale.

so i chomped a little here, crunched a little there (cracked at least one tooth), and finally came to the end of my repast.

time to clean up.

it wasn’t until i looked closely at the wrapper that i saw the spot where the rat had eaten through the packaging.

now i’m afraid to walk down a dark alley way without holding on to someones’ tail.


2 Responses to “breakfast”

  1. Biscuits & Jimmy Dean sausage gravy. YUM!

  2. Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.
    Frank Dane

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