personal space

since i had gotten my propane back and it was safely ensconced in one corner of my apartment i was feeling pretty good about going home early and starting up a pot of some of them good old texas style pinto beans.

yeah, i was feeling pretty good.

anticipating the down home smell of some comfort food and a couple of cold beers (hell, i might as well admit it; i was even thinking about getting a couple of fat old smoked pork chops to add to the pot the next day; you’ve got to go all out in times like these) i was fair tripping up the road to culinary nirvana.

all was right with the world.

as i got closer to the apartment i began to hear strains of a distant tune.  a tune not at all like the tunes i would normally play.

i came up to the top of the stairs where, to my surprise, i saw a small fat man and eight tiny reindeer (wait a minute; that’s another story).

actually i saw 6 or eight people who had moved a couple of tables next to the window that i sleep under.

having a party.

a party not two inches from my bed.

where i sleep.

naked.  (this is a self defense ploy)

(this is also just a little too close to my personal space).

i said to myself:  “you gotta be shitting me!”

but i kept my calm, smiled, and walked into my apartment.

i turned on the “twilight zone”, took off my shirt, popped the top on a cold salva vida, slammed it down and prepared to let rip a big ol’ …

… with no more than a whisper; they were gone.

i still got it.


6 Responses to “personal space”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Jungle you give ‘Bringing Down the House’ a whole new meaning 🙂

  2. you work well after a three day weekend.

  3. thanks, dave, i’ll take that as a compliment.

  4. Im a fan of your self defence methods. I’ll try and use them one day oh wise one.

  5. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

  6. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968), Strength to Love, 1963

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