small island blues

so here’s me walking home last night all nice and content looking forward to a little tv and some garlic-butter spaghetti with a glass or two of red wine.

(this ain’t no night train i’m talking about neither.  this stuff has a cork in it. a plastic cork.  top shelf.)

i’d be inclined to whistle a little if it weren’t for the fact that i can’t whistle.

(well, except for that bean thing but i’m feeling well above that kind of crudeness tonight.)

i pause for a minute at the bottom of the stairs to scratch one of the cats behind the ear (it’s amazing how easily a kittens’ ear comes off!) and walk around the corner of the deck to turn my propane tank on.

something goes terribly wrong with my vision.  all of a sudden i can’t see.

then my mind clears a little bit.  there appears to be an empty space where my propane tank used to live.

in the immortal words of a friend of mine who shall remain nameless (julio):  “you gotta be shittin’ me!”

there’s the hose, regulator still firmly attached.  the spider web is gone, though.  i hope he had time to bite the scurrilous bastard that did this dastardly deed.  if not i’ll have to kill him and get another, nastier spider.  i feed these things too much.

(note to self: try a kitten-proof enclosure next time.)

so now i’m sitting here watching battlestar galactica, munching on uncooked pasta pieces, and wondering how i’m going to open this bottle of wine.

*munch, munch*


*munch, munch*

frac!  frac!  frac!


10 Responses to “small island blues”

  1. That sucks, well at least they didn’t cut the hose and get off with the regulator too.

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    Hey, true friends would loan you their cork screw.

    Man, and I thought it was bad when all the trash cans disappeared over Semana Santa!

  3. Lindsay Says:

    You did not just write “frac” on this blog?!?!?!?!

    I hope the spider got him too!

  4. Claudia Says:

    Jungle. Gotta tell ya. Reading your blog makes me feel homesick!….
    Stay cool, big hug

  5. you can always come back, claudia.

    sooner would be better.

  6. UTLgirl Says:

    Hey Jungle, you DO realize the internet is working right?
    New month, new blog topic maybe?
    Or must I attack?

  7. UTLgirl Says:

    The grease paint is on, the NV scope attached.
    Clock is ticking my friend 🙂

  8. hey, hey, hey,now!

    can we talk about this!?

  9. UTLgirl Says:

    Target Aquired

  10. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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