guitar wars

so, there i was…

… wondering what i was going to do with my bad self when, all of a sudden, out of the blue, from out of nowhere, (you get the picture) it was as if an occult hand had written in the air in front of me:  “jungle, …  chaaange … the straaangs … on yore … geetar.”

now i’m thinking i should probably upgrade to a muse with spellcheck but, what could i say, it had been a while.

so;  enough beer at home?    check

new strings?  check

enough beer at home?  check

ok, this should be easy enough.  a two minute walk to my apartment, five minutes for the beer (i like to take my time with certain things, ok?), i figure i won’t need any more than five minutes to remove the old strings (more like 15), two minutes to wipe and clean the guitar body (try 45, there’s about two years of sweat gunk build up where my fat sweaty arm cheek likes to rest),  and another hour to string (the pegs keep popping out!) and tune the thing.  and this is with a korg tuner.  with new batteries.

add to all this the fact that the one light i have decides to go out (did i mention this was right around sunset?) and i’m not tall enough to reach the light fixture (even standing in the chair) so i can change the bulb and see where all the little pegs are popping out to.

so i’ve gotten all the way to string no. 4 thinking “alrighty then, i think i’ve got this string changing thing licked!” when “CRACK!” a peg pops out.

i throw the guitar on the bed and dive under the table.

it slowly dawns on me that that wasn’t a gun shot.

out of the corner of my eye (i forget which one, i have so many) i see a little white blur moving along the wainscotting.

without thinking i grab it before it gets away.

it’s the peg.

halfway inside a gecko.

only now it’s a gecko with no tail.

if only it had listened; just say “no” to “CRACK!”

(i’m sorry, really i am.)

so i clean the peg off and finish my work.

i put the guitar gently down, turn on the sci-fi channel, drink the last three beers and go to sleep.

i wonder where i put that harmonica.


3 Responses to “guitar wars”

  1. Changing guitar strings is also quite a chore for me. Takes me about an hour. I use a speed winder and I also hold the peg down to make sure it doesn’t go off. Hehe.

  2. believe me, a speed winder is next on my list of gadgets to buy.

    (must remember to hold the peg.)


  3. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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