snorkel test

tonight “da roof” is the venue for a long-standing (or not) ritual of the scuba diving world.

the infamous snorkel test.

for the people who actually passed their Instructor Exam it’s a gloriously heady time filled with music, laughter, cameras flashing, and flavors that even my ex-wife wouldn’t have thought of putting together.

(those who failed stand in a dark corner by themselves wondering why  they bought the bullshit that got them to this spot in the first place.  but that’s for another post.  this is a happy post.)

it’s pretty much a little (!?) bit of every thing on the shelf (that would be the bottom shelf we’re talking about here) topped off with a smidgen of something really sweet and creamy, with a soupcon of tabasco sauce.

the vic hero sits on a bench or other implement having some degree of stability while wearing a mask and snorkel to which an inverted  half-litre bottle has been duct taped in the form of a funnel-like device into which the aforementioned bottom shelf concoction can be poured.

when he has successfully swallowed the witches brew that his “friends” have so lovingly crafted he has but one more formal task.

his squire faithfully fills his mask with beer and he expertly demonstrates how to clear a fully flooded mask.

this sometimes involves beer going up his nose.

not really very pretty.

but then it really wasn’t supposed to be was it?

congratulations, Kristian.


4 Responses to “snorkel test”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    i did notice kristian’s ‘happy bunny’ ears were looking a little less happy upon departure.

    could it be the unplanned dive they took, violating all PADI standards by diving solo, even if it was the shallow end of the gene pool?

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    and you say no animals were harmed!!

  3. Insert_name_here Says:

    Well at least Kristian made a contribution to the weekly special… Next time there should be more Wasabi and salt water in the mix..

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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