cinco de mayo

today is cinco de mayo (and you know what that means!)

nope, guess again.

you’re getting colder.

am i going to have to do this for you?

ok, ok,…

it’s party time up on the roof!

it’s tex-mex enchiladas, spanish rice, spicy beans, guacamole, margaritas and other stuffs too numerous to mention.

(mostly because i haven’t thought of anything else yet.)

but it’s a good start and, like all little girl and boy starts, will surely grow into something better.

(yeah, yeah, i know. but you’re the exception that proves the rule.)

the only stumbling block so far is music. my collection of tex-mex music died a long time ago and is, in fact, proving to be irreplaceable. (what do you know, all your taste is in your mouth.)

but rest assured, flaco jimenez, the texas troubadors, and all the rest are still in my heart and soul. we’ll just have to pretend.

it’s a good day.

viva mexico!


6 Responses to “cinco de mayo”

  1. Jim,
    You should know I’ll pick up any of your Cinco de Mayo slack. I’ll listen to some Johnny Rodriquez, Flaco Jimenez, and Doug Salm for you. I’ll also drink a real mexican beer for you. I think I have a whole 6 pack of Bud Light.

  2. Dave!

    I knew I could count on you to watch my back.

    Thanks, man, it’s a better cinco already!

  3. UTLgirl Says:

    I’m There!

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    Oh wait a minute, I’m there every night these days 😦

  5. UTLgirl Says:

    PS: Sorry, best I could do you would be some Gypsy Kings or H & the Tijuana Brass.

  6. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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