da roof

after a three year war against the evil forces of greed and ego the roof top bar and grill (at BICD) has risen from the ashes  and is preparing to fly again.  and, yes, it is on fire.

the grand opening saturday night highlighted a simple yet outstanding menu consisting of hamburgers, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers.  (along with a “special” dish du jour once in a while.)

by far the most popular culinary delight offered by ben and scott (not their real names) is, so far, the veggie burger with bacon.  (come on, you know you want one.)

it’s so good  it’ll make you want to squeal like a pig.

(also available with a side of chicharron and cream gravy for those of you who still have some space in your arteries)

this gala event was attended by everybody who is anybody (you know who you are) including k, e, b, r, moi, and several other initials who have asked to remain anonymous.

g, k, s, w, p, r, and b were conspicuously absent  and  were sorely missed.

all of the beer was sold out (happy time prices all night) with only six cases of port royal surviving through the festivities.  the rum stores were seriously depleted and the tequila was shot plumb full of holes.

we capped the evening off by shooting a duck.

a moment of silence, please, a legend is born.


8 Responses to “da roof”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Let’s not forget those who had to be carried down, and one who had to be carried up!

  2. Very cool site!

  3. Trey Branham Says:

    Beers on me (for Erin and Jim). Be down tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you guys.


  4. Good Times!! LOL

  5. UTLgirl Says:

    See Trey, now there you go starting island rumors… 🙂

  6. Billy Says:

    I’ve been up to the roof a few times now and I must say they are doing a great job, I’m glad to see it back open with the casual setting like it used to be. Last night I requested beef quesadillas which isn’t on the menu and they were excellent.

    Good food and drinks at a reasonable price along with pleasant variety of company, how can ya go wrong?

  7. UTLgirl Says:

    Hey Jungle, you DO realize the internet is up & working right?
    Need I attack your blog stats again?

  8. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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