not really

the persistent hacking cough wasn’t enough.

having to buy another cell phone because my other one died wasn’t enough.

facebook e-mailing me just to let me know i had been voted “not really” in their best friends contest wasn’t enough.  (i was mortified! mortified i tell ya!)

the day started off relatively normal.  nice breeze, sunny, calm seas.  johnnys’ even had honey buns for breakfast.

but as the day wore on i kept getting the feeling that disaster was lurking just around the corner.




the cough started to get better.  the cell phone came with 900 bonus minutes for local calls and, after four or five honey buns, i no longer cared about the “not really” thing.

i figured whoever it was could just bite me.

so it was with a feeling of optimism that i finally found myself at tranquila bar having a nice relaxing sunset beer.

i forgot about mr. disaster.



snickering a little more uncontrollably.

i started the night out having a few drinks with a nice massage therapist and ended up drinking with a navy seal and an army ranger.

wait a minute.  what!?

my head hurts.


4 Responses to “not really”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Ok, I can guess who the Walrus is… who was the Ranger?

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    So how’s the head today?
    FLC anyone?

    PS: I figured out who the Ranger was.

  3. UTLgirl Says:

    So has the head cleared yet?
    It’s getting kinda lonely out here in blogland.

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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