pirate party

the pirate party was a huge success.

lots of costumes (some very well thought out), lots of rum, and lots of “arrgh there any beers left?”

i don’t know if prizes were given this year for most ugly pirate because, having won it for the past five years, i found myself ineligible and had to leave this years crown for a younger scalawag.  (ok, a much younger scalawag!)

the most interesting part of the party was the attendance of the east end boys (they don’t usually deign to mingle with the scum that dares to dive with other shops) and their insistence that they had organized the festivities.

this struck me as particularly pathetic since the only real thing most of them have ever accomplished is stepping onto an airplane with a shiny new plane ticket paid for with mommys’ credit card.

oh well, it fuels the rumour mill.

now we move on to bigger and better things.

sunday funday was a bucket o’ fun yesterday, wednesday we start our weekly (bi-weekly?) sunset booze cruise, and we have another surprise for the wall of shame coming up shortly.

“after all the lies the truth is all that’s left.”


4 Responses to “pirate party”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Hey, if they’re the ‘East End Boys’, does that mean I’m a ‘West End Girl’?
    Seems to me I’m hearing lyrics in my head to that tune… but then again, it could just be the voices 🙂

  2. it could mean anything…

    …i just write ’em, i don’t necessarily understand ’em.

  3. justautilaguy Says:

    I think its a Billy Joel song….

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi Jungle

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