your repair techs’ brain on drugs

i know this is not a very clear picture but it’s good enough to illustrate the point i want to make. it was taken with a common web cam. not the quality that chastity (not her real name) uses to work her way through college with and the lighting could certainly be better but there it is.
the o-ring on the right is 1.9cm outside diameter just to give you an idea of scale.
it was used to “repair” a DIN connector (used in scuba diving).
the o-ring on the left is the correct one to use in this case.
to be fair, it worked for four months, which is more than enough time for the average tourist to move on to somewhere else before it failed (at depth) and killed them due to letting all of the air spew out of their cylinder (at depth).
someone elses’ problem.
luckily the person this happened to was/is a well trained and well experienced divemaster who knew how to properly respond to this eventuality and made it safely back to the surface with no further problems.
scuba gear is life support equipment for a hostile environment.
take your gear to a certified repair tech.
or go to school and learn to fix it yourself.

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  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Do you know, if you post too many ,too quickly (such as one might expect from a blog stat attack), they give you this cute little message?

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