apparently i have a “disgruntled” reader who is threatening to hold my blog stats hostage if i don’t write another post.  you know who you are.

normally it’s against my principles (yes, i do have some) to just cave in to silly demands like this but, frankly, i’m not sure the bandwidth here can handle the extra traffic.

besides, i wanted to talk about tomorrow’s upcoming Bay Islands College of Diving / Tranquila Bars’ “Pirate Night” anyway.

apparently semana santa wasn’t a big enough party so the staff at BICD talked the owners of Tranquila Bar into yet another fabulous shindig.  there will be plenty of drink specials (built around the best rum in the world, no doubt; gotta love that flor de cana), homegrown eyepatches, pirate costumes, cardboard sabres, and an honest-to-god plank for those curmudgeonly scalawags who don’t much like drinkin’ and dancin’ to walk off the deck and into the sea.

i will be safely ensconced at the entrance end of the bar for quick getaways and such should the need arise.

so i’ll be scouting the place out tonight as it were just to make sure that everything is gonna be arrrghright.

see ya there ya lily-livered, scurvy dog.

“give us yer booty or prepare to be boarded!”


2 Responses to “disgruntled”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Now Jungle, if I was never in the service (AKA a grunt) then how can I be ‘Dis-gruntled? Really.

    Hey, I hear some of the neighbors tried to claim credit for the outstanding Pirate Party last night!

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    And she’s still at it 🙂

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