toga party

we have two and a half days left in this idc.  overall it’s been a good one.

a screaming snit, a modicum of moaning, traces of tears, and a bit of blood.

and that’s just the idc staff instructor.

so we find ourselves with two and a half days free to brush up on waterwork, theory, and presentation skills.  we have a little room to relax.

the timing is more than a little serendipitous in that tonight (our off night as it were) just happens to coincide with tranquila bars’ annual toga night.

this is the night that officially kicks off ‘semana santa’ (holy week).  or, put another way, the spring break of central america.

it’s also the night when all of the tourists don their togas (read: only clean sheet) and try to entice other tourists to share the aforementioned togas with them.

(come to think of it, it’s probably the only night of the year when all of the tourists have clean sheets.)

anyway, there will be a couple of frosty cold beers watching the  sunset from the dock at tranquila bar (frosty cold beers like sunsets, too), followed by an unbelievably good meal at Dave’s right next door, (set to the dulcet tones of Dave’s Grateful Dead collection), transitioning back to the tranquila bar to watch a night of frolic the likes of which Ph.D. candidates in Sociology all over the world would give their eye teeth to witness.

and horseshoes and the best brisket this side of Texas at the Driftwood Cafe tomorrow.

i am well and truly blessed.


6 Responses to “toga party”

  1. I am glad that things are going so well for you. You do deserve all the blessings that you are receiving right now. I guess I don’t need to come to Utilla to bring you some sage in the near future. Take care.

  2. dave (del rio) Says:

    Sounds good Jim. We’ll make it down one of these days.

  3. UTLgirl Says:

    So THATS where all the damn sheets went!!

    I bet every hotel owner in town is scrambling trying to recover their sheets!

  4. Ah, the joys of toga watching! It’s becoming a lost art, you know. Hope you had a great meal there.

  5. UTLgirl Says:

    Hummm, isn’t it about time for another snipet from Jungle???

  6. UTLgirl Says:

    Oh Jungle…..

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