jungle jim snot download…

…this is the search phrase that at least one person used to get to my blog today.

as far as i know i have never used the word ‘snot’ in one of my postings.

and why would anyone really care about how i go about evacuating my sinuses?

since you asked…

sometimes i just let it run down my face over and through my mustache until it finally stops, dries up, and gets all flakey and just let the geckos fight over it.

other times, when i’m diving, i roll over on my back, close one side of my nose with my finger, blow as hard as i can, do the other side, and watch the two globs race each other to the surface like two sleek sea slugs slithering swiftly and silently toward the sun.

and when i’m lucky enough to feel a sinus infection coming on i take a saline lavage up each nostril, let it all run into a bowl, compare the colour to that green stuff in my toilet, and just let it harden. i get some pretty gnarly patterns like that sometimes.

at the tranquila bar i might blow it into a shooter of tequila and tabasco sauce.

i call it a snot slinger.

if i can’t do any of those things i just fire it off into the street.

hope this helps.


8 Responses to “jungle jim snot download…”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Well there went my lunch!

    Note to self: Stay away from Tequilla shots at Tranquilla if Jungle has been anywhere near πŸ™‚

  2. i could have gone all day without knowing that

  3. Well, that certainly clears that up! I wonder what people type in to get to my blog posts?!

  4. What did you think BC (bugat) check meant? And what pray tell is wrong with Tequilla? Me think tou did one or two with Jim ay said place UYL or close by. Argh!

  5. UTLgirl Says:

    RE: ‘fire it off in the street’

    I think I witnessed a version of this Thursday. You’ve obviously been training the Instructors well!

    Now however we’ll need a sub-blog, as he chose to do it into the Ocean, not the street, so a whole course on floaters vs. sinkers is needed πŸ™‚

  6. i was afraid this would happen…

    …now the damn thing has mutated out of control.


  7. UTLgirl Says:

    Hey I’m gonna keep F&*(&^g with your blog counts till you post πŸ™‚

  8. UTLgirl Says:


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