leap day…

…what an interesting little detail of our lives in the 21st century.

the idea to change our calendar in order to accommodate this anomaly in time apparently came to julius ceasar in an epiphany of sorts while he was in the midst of absorbing some of cleopatra’s culture.

of course this was at least 48 years before jesus came on the scene and compelled the pope to say “nope” to these kinds of shenanigans so it’s not like they were having too much fun or anything.

not that there’s anything wrong with that.

the irish (go figure) gave us another use for this day. sadie hawkins day came about when st. bridget convinced st. patrick to let women have one day to propose marriage to the man of their choice.

if the man refused he was to pay a fine.

st. patrick gave them leap day.

this explains the nervous leaping about from pub to pub men have been practicing ever since.

(i can state with no small amount of pride that i have managed to escape this barbaric practice again this year.)

leap day was actually meant to bring mankind’s calendar more in line with mother nature’s calendar but we still come up short by three days every 10,000 years.

i’m going to miss my anniversary again.


4 Responses to “leap day…”

  1. Gary Connolly Says:


    Gary (the Irish guy you know) If memory serves you had no problem leaping from one pub to the next when I was there. Also Paddy as he is know to his county men had the right idea, by leaping from pub to pub we avoided the Brigets clan so they could not ask any bloke a certain question so we had more money for drink.

  2. exactly!

    i couldn’t have said it better myself.

    when are you coming back so we can leap some more?

  3. UTLgirl Says:

    Yet another one to mess up your blog counts. Who loves ya baby 🙂

  4. UTLgirl Says:


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