my new dive computer

well, my new dive computer now has (officially) 6 dives on it.

as soon as i can figure out the logbook function i will tell you what those profiles were.

one of these dives is logged as an actual salt water dive (once i finally cracked the code on the proper Set mode and made the little flashy thing move to “salt”).

i haven’t gotten bent yet so it must be working.

i’ve been thinking about buying some more and renting them to the students at a couple of other dive shops on the island. maybe then i can make a little extra money and not have to spend so much time at the chamber control panel.

i really love being back in the water on a regular basis but it has put a serious mojo on my drinking habit.

top ten reasons why this is a bad thing:

10) i’m not drinking as much.

9) i’m losing weight.

8) i’m not as cranky.

7) i’m eating healthier.

6) i’m not drinking as much.

5) i find myself smiling for no reason at all. (no, i’m not in love.)

4) i found myself listening patiently to a divemaster trainee the other day.

3) i’m not drinking as much.

2) yesterday i passed up a perfectly good chance at kicking a dog.

1) i’m watching more letterman on tv.

somebody stop me.


7 Responses to “my new dive computer”

  1. Gary Connolly Says:

    Talking nicely to Divemasters Jungle, would it happen to be a female that is getting all the attention. Great to hear you have managed to work the computer but you dont seem to be practicing what you preach. Dont use it if you cant manage to figure it out. That sounds like the pair of us got to stop writing now and go have a drink.


  2. dave (del rio) Says:

    Let me know when and where this reunion drink is to happen, this being an adult is thirsty work.

  3. i don’t know but it should be soon.

    i’ll get some jim beam black label.

    better make it a big one.

  4. Hey, Rob leaves Saturday. Remind him about the JB Black, and send e-mails daily… he tends to be forgetful šŸ™‚

  5. sound advice.


  6. r typus Says:

    forgetfulness comes with age, leave the poor fellow alone

  7. UTLgirl Says:

    If you don’t post somethign soon, I’m goign to have to start uploading those photos we discussed!

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