levels of awareness

ok, ok…i hope you had your fun.

why, in my fourth month of living in this apartment, did i not know there was a back way in?

everybody let me piss and moan about the huge mountain of debris (jagged rocks, killer clay, manic mud, dog pee, demonic trenches and who knows what else?) blocking my way home, keeping me from going to my local pub (tranquila bar; driftwood cafe) and i had to hear about the back door into my apartment building from my bartender!?

(note to self: bartenders know everything.)

that’s ok, though, because Bruce (not his real name) happened to have given me a pound of real live, honest to God, Jimmy Dean sausage a few days ago and i cooked it this morning before coming to the dive shop.

i made a 1/2 pound sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast.  I was so excited i forgot to put the egg in.

and ate the whole thing while wafting (yes, that’s a real word) the aroma all around so everyone could share the experience.  (especially the vegans and vegetarians.)

it was a life transforming and spiritually fulfilling dance of pure joy.

this pig did not die in vain.  (note to self:  name your next album this.)

pump up the volume!


2 Responses to “levels of awareness”

  1. So… how’s the daily stats going 🙂

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    No more Oreos for you till you post something new 😦

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