spring cleaning

i have no idc to run this month so that gives me a chance to clean up the clutter left behind from the month before. finishing msdt programs, fulfilling someone else’s long forgotten promises left behind from long ago, and generally getting my shit together for special projects and next month’s idc.

the road construction: (“building barriers of mud, rock, and open trenches you have to walk miles around because we don’t give enough of a shit to make a simple pathway for you to walk across safely, and, oh by the way, we’re going to turn the electricity off tonight so you can’t even see them on your way home”)

that’s the actual motto of the construction crew; there wasn’t enough room left on the sign for “men working”.

and, as a special bonus, these barriers are on both ends of the block.  no, really.

i even saw a dog turn around this morning.

now i know why they were standing around laughing all day.

these guys could’ve worked for the texas highway department.


2 Responses to “spring cleaning”

  1. What do you mean ‘could’ve’? I recognize two of them!

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    I’m serious, no more FRESH oreos till you post!

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