utila is a special place.

as such it attracts all kinds of “special” people.

sailboters are part of this demographic. they come into shore (tranquila bar) for supplies, drinks, sunsets and sailboter camaraderie. this usually involves complaining that things here are not like they are “back home” and the local bars/restaurants don’t have their “back home” favorite things.

not that there’s anything wrong with that.

they also have a problem wrapping their head around the fact that the “restroom”, such as it is, is for those with a female gender stamp. the guys piss off the dock.  it’s a bar.  it’s over the water.

that’s just the way it is.

deal with it.

anyway…i like to think of myself as a nice guy. even a helpful one.

in that vein i happened to mention this arrangement to a couple of sailboters who decided that the open spot at the dock was conveniently left open for them.

they looked at me in that strange tone of voice that says “quick, edna, let’s git outta hyar afore this guy mugs us er sumpin”, and scampered off to the safety of the main street.

i’m hoping they at least enjoyed the smell of ammonia in the evening on the ride back to their bote.

disclaimer: no real sailors were harmed and/or mentioned in the crafting of this post.


3 Responses to “sailboters”

  1. They live on a boat, that kinda says it all.

    They float around praying to the gods that be for a breeze…

    They talk only to themselves and the elements for months at a time …… explain to me again how their failure to grasp the helpfulness of your counsel is shocking?

    Oh well, the smell could have been worse… they could have actually used afore mentioned bathroom!

  2. eimi & tom Says:

    hey jim, nice entry, made us laugh, but gotto ask you something, can you still extend your visa at migracion in utila? or do we need to go to belize before we head out to utila? need to know asap as we are on our way there! watch out!

  3. hey guys,
    yeah you can get your visa extended on the island but, if it’s convenient, i’d go ahead and do it in belize.

    i guess this explains why you weren’t on the ferry today.

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