new computer

well, i broke down and bought a new dive computer the other day.

since i’m going to be working and diving with professional level divers i figure it’s probably no longer a good idea to judge my depth by the fish i see or my bottom time by the angle of the sun. not that that’s a bad thing.

i’m just saying.

my old one (uwatec pro) bit the dust and, while i do miss it, i don’t miss it enough to pay US$350 in order to resurrect it (send it off to change the battery). especially since i found out i could buy a new mares m2 for less than that.

an obvious difference between this computer and the old one is that the old one had four buttons (contacts) and the new one has two buttons (buttons). you might think this would be an indication that the new computer would be simpler to operate.

you would be wrong.

the operator’s manual alone is about the size and weight of a 2kg integrated weight pouch.

it also speaks twelve different languages including three i’ve never even heard of.


so now that my pride is totally shattered i’m taking it to tranquila bar where the local tech support office (toni) for mares is and getting it ready to dive.

the good news is it’s time for sunset and the beer there is ice cold.


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  1. So Jungle, is it wet yet 🙂

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