sunday funday

in other news…

seventeen chickens boldly scratched their way to the smoker of death today in order to insure that the tradition of sunday funday continues at bay islands college of diving in utila in spite of such apocalyptic harbingers of end times as rogue tsunamis, global warming, and the democratic caucuses in the united states.

after a demonstration of close order scratching, pecking, clucking, and plucking they spontaneously quartered themselves, jumped and rolled into a secret spice rub, and racked themselves into the smoker while executing a perfectly timed, synchronous half-gainer.

my bbq sauce is just that good.


6 Responses to “sunday funday”

  1. Chicken…. just a conduit for BBQ Sauce 🙂

  2. Gary Connolly Says:

    Hi Jim,

    So you still passing off the bottled bbq sauce as your own. Not much changes on the island. So hows rainy season treating you all.

  3. eimi & thomas Says:

    hey jim, we are heading back your way soon, and found out that the email we have for you no longer works. found your blog instead, same old jim cannot wait to harrass you again! see you soon!
    eimi $ thomas (the dmts that should have never gotten together way back in 2000)

  4. if this is so that my better half already tried to herass u, well sorry.
    this time we´ll spend a little more time over in your world than last and maybe we can have time for a few more slava vidas… ¨lookng forward to seeya. ps i never did my idc… maybe i´ll do mind toghere whit zoe!
    will stop now, or you´ll be to confused.

  5. man, guys, it’s been a while!

    i’m looking forward to seeing you again, hurry back.

    the salvas are on ice.

  6. Isn’t it time for some Beer Dogs yet?

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