my demise

well, i’m still here.

i guess the destruction of old fat people takes longer than i would have thought.

in that case i’m going to concentrate on making another pot of chili and settling down in front of the tv with a cold beer in one hand and a hot piece of jalapeno cornbread in the other. i haven’t quite worked out how i’m going to eat the chili but i’m sure something will come to me.

i’m also getting things ready for the next idc. not quite sure how many candidates will show up yet but i’ll be ready for them. i just hope the weather co-operates for the water work portion of the course.

the one thing i am sure of is that it’ll be fun. one thing bothers me, though.

i can’t seem to find my bunny ears or my mr. potato head.

i’ve found these things to be crucial to a fun and successful idc.

that, and a good bbq grill.


2 Responses to “my demise”

  1. Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll find all your bits and pieces, and it will be successful.

  2. There’s just something about Jungle in bunny Ears I GOTTA SEE!!!
    Hope you find them soon!

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