the man who would be king

apparently it’s time for me to be “destroyed”.

at least that’s what i was told by the cd i replaced in this last IDC.

“I will destroy you.”

it hasn’t been made clear if this destruction will be accomplished by a character assassination over the internet (he’s an “IT” expert) or via his much-vaunted and pointedly bragged about black belt in tae kwon do.

both methods were mentioned in our “talk” on tuesday night.

the problem with this whole thing is that i have something of an aversion to being threatened.

so i felt compelled to write a letter to PADI.

the days of junglejim rolling over and turning the other cheek are gone.


3 Responses to “the man who would be king”

  1. dave (del rio) Says:

    Take care jungle, it sounds like you’ve a real winner on your hands.

  2. You’ve always got to stand up to bullies. Bullies tend to talk a lot and not follow through. It’s the ones that don’t say anything first that you really need to watch out for.

    Glad I found you again!

  3. Humm………

    I’m still having nightmares of you rolling over & seeing your other cheek!

    Oh well, another Chapter of ‘Days of Our Island’ comes to a close.

    If you’re done being destroyed, Salva’s at Sunset… I’ll duel ya 🙂

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