even as i type this blog my beans are cooking on the stove.

it’s the first pot of beans of the year as well as the first pot of beans in my new apartment giving this whole process a distinctly spiritual aroma. since i have a hard time finding sage in this place i substitute beans as a “cleansing” agent.

it only takes one pot of my beans and every bad spirit within 10 kilometres takes off for parts unknown. this makes my humble abode more comfortable and restful.

the downside is it usually runs off the good spirits as well which can be a problem when you’re looking for a little company. this makes my humble abode a little lonely.

luckily geckos don’t seem to have a problem with this either way.

my bean of choice is the humble pinto bean. it has a pleasing color, a pleasing texture, and it’s a perfect complement to any kind of meat you’d care to make a nice pot of chili out of.

from the occasional armadillo roadkill to the increasingly difficult to find swamper you’d be hard pressed to find an unsuitable meat companion to the pinto bean.

in light of that i’ll be perfectly happy with whatever the cats drag in.

i’m really looking forward to this.


2 Responses to “beans”

  1. mmmmm, musical fruit!

  2. Does ‘Rubbed Sage’ count?

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