a reason to drink

today is the birthday of julio gutierrez.

that alone should give anyone a reason to drink.

and we’re about to start.

so…in honor of this auspicious occasion, julio is today’s guest writer.

take it away, julio: Jim had me read this first before I realize that I have to write here. As one would read his life story when all of the sudden it comes to the point where you are reading that you are reading.

35 years ago on a January 13 of 1973 afternoon I was born, but it was not until my mom let me fall of the cradle at the age of 1 that things went off course. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom and she loves me.

My dad, may he rest in peace, would mock my mom for this to the last day. You one day realize that you don’t need no stinking Isaac Newton to find out that “everything that goes up, must come down”… it is my birthday and if gravity call me home then let it do so. And then do as Frank Sinatra says “pick yourself up and get back in the race”… that’s life!.

In conclusion, live a little, don’t be afraid of falling, if you fall someone will pick you up, if not stand up… and if you die, it’s cause it’s your time to go.


3 Responses to “a reason to drink”

  1. Wish we were there to celebrate w/ you guys. Tell Julio I owe him a nice spanking!

  2. if i tell him that he’ll be having birthdays every week!

    when are you guys coming home?

  3. Wow, do people really need a reason to drink?

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