chamber doings

it’s been a really good week for chamber operations.

a guy (phil, canadian navy) came down through the auspices of Divers Alert Network and walked us through an operators course, a maintenance course, and a proper documentation program.

lot’s of good stuff. (and about six months worth of work still left to do. yikes!)

next stop: certified hyperbaric technologist.

on another front the second whale that beached itself and died last week (a juvenile goose beaked whale) was affixed to the anchor chain on the bow of the halliburton at 90′. the goal was to monitor the types of fishy things that came to eat it and give the divers on the island something to look at.

apparently there is a population of a hitherto unknown species of shark in these waters that only comes into shallow reefs in order to eat the heads of dead goose beaked whales.

this would be the elusive chainsaw shark (so called due to the ragged incision left upon severing the aforementioned head off of the aforementioned already dead whale).

or…it could have been some local diver with a dull crosscut saw taking a souvenir to sell to some unsuspecting tourist. (the meat of the first whale was obviously a little off-putting)
in which case it will probably have metamorphosed into some type of alien/mermaid once it’s attached to the dessicated body of a grotesquely mutated howler monkey.

this is why i love diving.

there’s always something new.


2 Responses to “chamber doings”

  1. ‘Off putting’? And ehre i thought you said you could make chili from anything…. except beans of course 🙂

  2. ehre = here in ‘Erinspeak’

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