sunshine and horseshoes

this morning is shaping up to be a nice sunny day.

we need some “feel good” after finding yet another (juvenile) goose beaked whale in the harbour.   more on that in a follow-on post.

today is sunday (appropriately) and, as such, is full of promise in the area of personal recreation.

the good people down at the driftwood cafe have a bbq, football (american), cold beer, and horseshoe pitchin’ extravaganza on sundays and i haven’t been able to participate in quite a while.

i’m looking forward to opening up a big ol’ can o’ whoop ass over yonder and it ain’t gonna be purty.

if i’m really lucky debbie will be there with her dominos (i usually kick her butt but she lets me play anyway) for a rousing couple of rounds of texas 42.

i have my lucky beer coozie all cleaned up and ready to go.

ain’t nuthin’ gonna stop me now.


2 Responses to “sunshine and horseshoes”

  1. I hope you still have those stubbie coolers I sent you and take ’em out once in a while.

  2. Horseshoes sounds like a great way to spend a beautiful day. It’s quite sad hearing about the beached whale 😦 Good luck opening a can o’ whoop ass!

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