ego hysteria

i would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate the 186 dive instructors, divemasters, and dive shop owners on utila who, in a collective fit of rapture induced hysteria, appointed themselves to the level of Marine Biologist, Ph.D. yesterday.

this miraculous feat was inspired by a previously unknown species of marine mammal who had the temerity to wash himself (herself?) up on the beach in a state of recently accomplished deceasia. (i made that up)

after the flashing lights faded and the voice from the sky whispered out the people left standing promptly butchered the animal and passed it out to whoever wanted to take it home to eat. (i did not make that up)

dive instructors who, as little as a month ago, had less than 100 logged dives were observed pontificating in the bars, restaurants, and streets (that last one may be illegal).

holding recently ensnared dive students in the sway of their superhuman intellect the newly anointed biologists spewed datum after datum with machine gun like speed never letting a single fact so much as slow them down.

it was amazing to watch.

i can’t stop laughing.

i am truly blessed to live in a place like this.


4 Responses to “ego hysteria”

  1. Richard Astley Says:

    Well well well, finally managed to find your new blog site. kept trying and was waiting for those jackasses to sort out the time in Caracus. So hows things in the slow paced land? I kind of miss it. Well hopefully will be paying a visit soon. mmmmmm salva vida! Take care, Rich

  2. yeah, just when you think you can count on something it turns around and bites you in the ass.

    things are going well here, shop’s busy, beer’s cold, and the rain mostly plays in the night.

    we could use a good video guy right about now, what are you doing with your time these days?

  3. Richard Astley Says:

    oh all sounds soooooo true. Glad to hear things are going wll for you. mmmmmm cold salva vida.

    Moved to California with girlfriend (great diving). we ended up going different ways. So I headed back to the Uk to do some work and to reload the bank account. I am heading of to Bahrain for one final job before heading to Belize in Feb. I will more than likely then head to Utila and roatan for a few months and then maybe off to th Phillippeans. But who knows thinks always have a habit of changing!!!

    I’ll be sure to look you up when I’m over for a cold one.


  4. Hey Rich, Hope life is treating you well. Erin

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