new years day 2008

it’s 6:45am and we have our first head-on motorcycle collision of the year. wow.

it’s 9am here in utila and i can still hear the mdma induced boom, boom, boom emanating from coco loco’s. rock on, boys and girls, it’s going to be a great year! what we can remember of it anyway.

i also just got a notice from wordpress that i have already gotten my very first spam comment of the year. from google telling me what a great search engine it is. hmmm.

i leave my blog at blogger (owned by google) and now the dirty tricks start. coincidence? i think not.

the new year came in with heavy rains in the early hours. a symbolic cleansing of all things 2007 and a providing of a clean wineskin for the years new wine.

i’ve had a successful (albeit fraught with backstabbing and betrayal) 2007 in that my yearly resolution to not make any new year’s resolutions as been able to stand strong against the whims and temptations of my little world. yay, me!

i’ve also managed to stay alive (no mean feat given my advanced years) in spite of the tangled web of imperialism and vagaries of dubya’s sense of destiny. not to mention hillary.

having gotten through a year of such global upheaval i stand in amazement that i could possibly have overlooked hannah montana but there you have it.

i hope everyone of you (as well as those others of you) have the best year of your lives.

happy new year.


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