new blog home

well…i’ve gone and moved my blog (not all of it, just this bit so far) from blogger to wordpress.

i must admit to a certain bit of curiousity for some time now but the loyalty in me said “no, no, not just yet;  after all they have been fairly reliable so far.”  apart from a few minor indiscretions (top bits on the bottom, bottom bits on the side and so forth)  they’ve been pretty faithful.

on Dec. 14th all that changed.  they put my blog right out of service because (apparently) their  highly vaunted technical staff found out that they couldn’t deal with the FUCKING TIME ZONE IN BY GOD CARACAS and they won’t be giving a shit about it until they come back from christmas vacation.

what this has to do with me living in honduras has me somewhat perplexed.  anyway i’ve moved into a new home and i think i’m going to like it.

i hope you all had a nice holiday season (whichever one or ones you participate in).

as for you, blogger.

bite me.


One Response to “new blog home”

  1. secret admirer Says:

    hey jim, i wish your blog had a picture.. mi tired of just reading it, i wanna know u…. really know u…

    p.s. if u for some reason have hair so curly u shouldnt be white i will cum in my pants….

    pps BICD RULES!!!!! know who this is???

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