fantasy football

so i decided to start a fantasy football league.

should be fun. i can invite friends who are not at all familiar with american football and be reasonably sure of being able to make fun of them all season long.


i just got my ass handed to me (and i have a pretty good lineup) by a girl.

a girl who doesn’t even live in this hemisphere.

now, i’m pretty sure that when she thinks of a tight end it has nothing to do with any kind of organized sporting event.

and i’m not even going to talk about the images a wide receiver conjures up.

i think i’m just going to have another cold salva vida and see what other bright idea i can come up with.


2 Responses to “fantasy football”

  1. Delacroix Says:

    i have that sort of experience does feel funny

  2. See, and you make it sound like that doesn’t happen often šŸ™‚

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