back from miami

i made it back from miami just in time for hurricane dean. like a good little hurricane he passed us by without much notice. i wish i could say the same for mexico.

so in the space of just two weeks i finally got my honduran residency, updated my course director rating, and got fired from my job at the restaurant. not necessarily in that order.

so, aside from the job front, things are looking pretty good.

if you know anyone who needs an old fat guy to work for them keep your old friend jungle in mind.


6 Responses to “back from miami”

  1. If you think you can get your green card, we can use some help on the ranch.

    hang in there Jungle.

  2. Utilagirl Says:

    Sad really know you were not fired…you walked and never looked back…perhaps a misunderstanding yes…a letter was sent with sincere apologies and love and you never responded…we miss your friendship and care deeply for you…that is way we wanted and was glad to help you achieve some of the goals you mentioned in your blog…you should really step up Jungle…Sorrows in Paradise…all I can say is this ..we are sincere and you know us…perhaps we didn’t know you but we showed our love and respect and meant it…Utilagirl

  3. Utilagirl Says:

    I have a really cold salva vida waiting for you when you are ready

  4. Utilagirl Says:

    We wish you all the best in your new adventures and are happy things are back on track for you. You are a great guy and truly missed at the Driftwood. Thank you for helping us make Driftwood a sucess and we will always carry the fond memories in our hearts. Take good care of yourself.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Stephanie Says:

    hey Jungle!!

    tis Steff, the Irish one you worked in Driftwood with! Just spotted you here..
    I’ve heard that there are some really bad storms heading yer way there,let me know when you can that ye are all okay please..
    Things went belly up with Driftwood, but we’d some good times, sober or not! miss my cynical Jungles rants.. hmmmm!!
    my emails, keep in touch and be sure to let me know ye are all okay.
    mind yourself and miss you loads(and the Imperial!),
    Steff xx

  6. We did! Their loss is our gain… again.

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