i’m on my way to la ceiba today so i can catch a 6am flight to miami tomorrow.

i’m finally getting to my required course director update.

i just hope hurricane dean lets me come back.

it’s been almost a year in coming and i’m looking forward to it.

the good news is i’m in miami on the afternoon of the 17th and out again on the morning of the 19th.

very little chance for a major culture shock experience.

i just hope my spanish is good enough to get through the airport.

my cold/sinus infection is better (for those of you who care; you know who you are)

i’m now able to equalize and actually swallow my snot rather than having to expectorate a huge,
glistening, pulsating orb of ectoplasm that strangely resembles my ex-wife. i’m thinking e-bay.

have a nice day.


One Response to “journey”

  1. Hey Jim, Lost contact with you for the last year. Do you not answer your emails anymore? Funny I’d think of you while you’re flying on a plane back to the states!

    I’m going to be diving in Roatan in September.

    Email me!

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