vacation people

what is it that turns people who go on vacation into such assholes?

even if it’s just a weekend trip all of a sudden normal, fully functional
human beings turn into the in laws from hell at the slightest chance that
some stranger will be at their beck and call for the space of an hour or so.

we see this all the time at the restaurant.

families show up for breakfast. they are fairly sedate.

at lunch they’re a little more relaxed (drunk).

at dinner the heads start to spin and split pea soup goes everywhere.
(i’m talking about grandmothers here.)

i’m thinking about moving the outside tables a little closer to the water.


One Response to “vacation people”

  1. i’m fairly certain there is a Honduran law that requires all visitors to leave all higher cognative functions at the border. Sadly, it’s one of the few laws actually enforced 🙂

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