reading material


i need something to read, i’m out of books.

no problem, at least one of the dive shops on this island should have at least
one literate person on premises, right?

at least there’s a decent chance.

one would think.

one should think again.

there appears to be a veritable cornucopia of romance novels. even those set in the wild west.

(Longarm? wtf??)

why would you bring a romance novel to an island in the caribbean?

new york i could understand, but an island?

you want romance?

open your eyes!

and bring decent books!!!


6 Responses to “reading material”

  1. swampboogie Says:

    I would send you books if I knew your connections from here…to there…
    so…send me a connection and what you would like to read.

  2. divermom Says:

    Hey Jim, Love your blog. We’ll be in Utila in July, and rarely read romance novels(prefer porn). What do you read?

  3. If you need any reading material, go here

    Nice to meet you…

  4. Jamie Monk Says:

    Was so easy to find a good book when Steve and Fran were running the Bundu Cafe 🙂


  5. Trade ya, for some reason lately all reading materials left by departing guests have involved either serial killers or genetic mutants….. I’m not certain, but I think these too may fall under the ‘you’re in the caribbean, open your eyes’ catagory ? Ahhh well, is sitting in Omar’s warehouse for shipping as I type.

  6. I’m also nto quite certain what that says about the departing folks, that this is considered either entertaining or informative?

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