chili dog

just when i thought there was one thing i could be sure of…

i’ve been informed that i really have no clue what a chili dog is…

what a ball park hot dog is…

nor, in fact, what the difference between my asshole and a hole in the ground is.

and i work (worked?) in a restaurant!

man, a guys world sure can crumble fast!

sorry about all the … i seem to have saved up a plethora of them…


can’t use them fast enough…


4 Responses to “chili dog”

  1. swampboogie Says:

    …oh god…the accusations…YOU don’t know what a chili dog is…or a ball park hotdog…and to top it off…the “plethora of them”…is contagious…whatever will become of the…

  2. Speedy Says:

    Jungle,Jungle…you can´t dive,you have no idea about Burgers,what´s wrong with you??Will be time,that I show up on the Island…By the way-I´m retired now,after25 years!Keep your Head up!

  3. swampboogie Says:

    I read this today and…don’t know why…but just loved it…
    to be carried from the rational across the penumbra of the absurd…I think I live there in the land of “penumbra”…hehe/:0…and with all the “plethora of them” here with me…what fun…now on to this matter of the accusations, Brain…we all know you are the one and only so…who are these someones…who are into this thing call thinking…

  4. Not sure the difference between an asshole & a hole in the ground? Damn, that must have made planting that tree painful!

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