1st rat

this morning i saw the first rat in my new room.

(not sure why this is significant)

i had just come back from the shower and was gathering my dirty
clothes for a trip to laundry world.

although i have lived in a latin american country for more than ten years
i have still not learned those terms of endearment a spanish speaking woman uses to warn her “husband” that the chances random objects will soon be launching themselves toward his head are somewhat better than 90%.

soooo…i missed the warning (i try not to listen but these walls are pretty thin) and was startled when something smacked the other side of my wall.


the rat was apparently startled as well.

so there i am, bending over like a sailor getting ready for a fitness evaluation when said rat rockets between my feet into the pile of aforementioned dirty t-shirts and stuff leaving a not insignificant trail of surprise behind him.

my brain gets a message…”jungle; your 7:15 diarrhea event is now one minute 46 seconds in arrears; download is immanent.”

off to laundry world.


One Response to “1st rat”

  1. carrie Says:

    yay rats

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