rain and sun

so i’m at the dive shop early and decide to make a little coffee.

i take the basket with yesterdays grounds still in it and reach out to shake
it into the sea off the dock.

apparently the basket has been waiting for this for a long time.

it sees it’s chance and makes a mad leap into the crashing surf.
forgetting it’s made of plastic, it tries to dive down and out of my sight.
i chuckle to myself and go get a kayak paddle.

after ten minutes of cursing and trying to ignore the growing howls of laughter
from the ever increasing crowd of divers gathered at the shop i manage to flip
the damn thing back on the dock.

(who knew that a plastic basket could be so agile!?)

still having my wits about me i knew that i should probably
rinse the salt water off the basket before i made the coffee.

i go around to the back of the shop.

i see a pvc pipe.

i see a handle.

i turn the handle.

i have an epiphany.

i’m standing in an outdoor shower.

it’s a good thing i got in to the dive shop ahead of the rain.

todays breakfast: salty coffee and oreos.


8 Responses to “rain and sun”

  1. stromania Says:

    Merry Christmas from Texas Jim

  2. stromania Says:

    insert the appropriate coma, please

  3. merry christmas to you, too, Dave!

    i hope everything in your life is exactly the way you want it to be.

  4. Jim,

    I’ve enjoyed finding your blog. We are heading down to Utila tomorrow. If you don’t mind, I am going to link to your blog. Feel free to add a link to mine if you like. The address is below.



  5. Jonglee, Happy New Year from Ruth & Pete in far north Oz, looking forward to our first wet season in the Ozzie paradise that is now our home!! Miss you always xx

  6. stromania Says:

    what is the good word, haven’t heard from the Rock in a while.

  7. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    Back in Janurary the Internet company servicing Utila was shutdown by the government and there is very limited Internet access via satellite. I was there when this happend. Jungle is probably looking for an inexpensive place to surf.


    I did see him about 2 weeks ago and he is doing fine… well for jungle that is.

  8. Michel B7 Says:

    Hey there Jim, Dave, Ruth & Pete!! I stumbled across Jungle’s thing. Me too I miss Utila. Dave congrats on the lawyer thing!!

    Ruth and Pete still into trivia, you silly cows!!

    Ya all take care, con saludos, Michel.

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