cold front

after four days of wind and rain (did i mention it was COLD!?) it seems the weather is breaking up a little.

at least the sunrise today (yes, janina, i know that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, i think i´ve got it now) shows signs of a sun being there. big spokes of light all around and through the dark clouds.

are we happy about this? noooooo! all we can do is talk about how there´s another front coming through in a couple of days.

we seem to be unable to rejoice at the fact that the supply (beer) boat is coming from the mainland (beer place) today. we would rather wallow in gloom and doom than jump up and down singing the happy beer song (don´t even think about it).


(i will just have to do the happy beer dance all by myself.)


2 Responses to “cold front”

  1. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    I was looking at the webcam and noted the air temperature 76 degrees on the screen, in the words of Dr. Evil… “It’s fricken freezing” and to think I will be there in 2 weeks, drat, then again, I was diving/teaching on the weekend in the waters of Beautiful British Columbia and the water temp was 50 degrees surface and 47 at depth!!!!

  2. Dale Forbes Says:

    Funny how the stores here on the island run out of onions before beer. It seems they stock-plie the essentials. Or at least the island’s three official food groups: beer, sugar and coffee. In no particular order.

    I made a blog.

    yup, I am aware it is a cheesy title. I’ll get over it.

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