red dawn

this mornings sunset was full of red today. very beautiful with streaks of light coming through some very ominous looking dark grey clouds.

i guess rainy season has arrived. it’s been raining pretty hard almost every night and sporadically during the day.

the good side of this is that:

1) it’s earlier than last year and,
2) the sea is flat calm. excellent diving and the whale sharks are being seen again.

the bad side is:

1) it’s somewhat difficult to drink your beer when your favorite bar has very little in the way of a solid wall and,
2) the rain is horizontal.

pura vida


5 Responses to “red dawn”

  1. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    Red sky in the morning sailor take warning…

  2. red sky at night, you’ve been in a fight…

  3. You get horizontal rain. Are you sure you don’t live in the north of England 😉 Our rain always seem to be horizontal up here.

    Say ‘hi’ to the whale sharks for me.

  4. Bound for Ceiba Says:

    Did you get lots of rain this weekend???

    I was thinking of going to Roatan, and hoping for sun there… but I didn’t want to brave the waterlogged ferry through a downpour to find out.

    It was crazy, flooding wet in La Ceiba.

  5. Has the sunset stwichted to mornings now in Honduras?Probably to to with all the summertime confusion?

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