learning new dances

an era has come to an end.

jungle jim is no longer involved in the diving business.

i’ve been replaced by younger and prettier (and more malleable) course directors.

and since i don’t have the money to go to DEMA and re-new my rating, as of dec. 31 of this year i will no longer be a course director.

and so i bid adieu to the Grand And Glorious Megalomania Experience (otherwise known as GAG ME).

so long, and thanks for all the fish.

in the meantime i have become a short order cook.

i’m now cooking breakfast and running the occasional bbq for the new lessees of the driftwood cafe.

it’s amazing how much fun i’m having. and i get to eat twice a day.

life is good.


12 Responses to “learning new dances”

  1. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    Huh? That is a slap in the face, I am sad to hear this news 😦

    Jungle, will I still be able to do the CHAMBER course before you hang up your regs? I am coming down on Dec 2nd…

  2. sorry, gene, i’m no longer involved in any of their businesses but i’m sure peter will be glad to take your money.

    thanks for your support.

    the 4th is my birthday, let’s hook up for a couple beers.

  3. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    Hey Jungle, when I am back in Utila-town it would be my pleasure to buy beer for the good old birthday boy!!!!!! heiße Scheiße

  4. Bound for Ceiba Says:


    I’m really sorry to hear this!

    If you’re in La Ceiba for any reason in the coming weeks/months, look me up, by the way… I have an email on my blog now.

  5. Liar_Liar Says:


    But we are so close to coming down and i was gonna ask you to teach my niece and nephew if we can get them down next summer.

    this is on the scale of a greek tragedy, minus the incest……

  6. stromania Says:

    sorry to hear this news. all things happen for a reason, i like to believe for a good reason. i hear short order cooks are banking in the bay islands these days, save those lemps and i’ll see you in kerrville on the 16th of june for my wedding?

  7. The Imaginary Diva Says:

    One Salva Vida at a time.

    Wow, my mother would be thrilled someone still uses that phrase 🙂

  8. it’s not all bad, guys, i can still teach diving just not at the instructor level for awhile.

    bicd is not the only shop on the island, you know.

  9. Devon Ellington Says:

    I’m glad you’re happy.

    I’m sorry for the bad behaviour of some of the local diving world. It’s a huge loss to your students and future students.

    Perhaps this will be a respite, at least from all the awful politicking you had to deal with. And new doors will open sure, I’m sure.

    Your happiness is the important thing.

  10. Gina R Johnson Says:

    yo,Jim…”GAG ME”…I love it! I practically coughed up a lung laughing. Classic.

    Blogmad hit!

  11. Hi Jungle
    It was an honour to spend so much time with you and I would love to buy you a beer some time. Do you remember what the answer was to the great question: the one about life, the universe and everything?

  12. Jim!

    Not a CD? I’m sure there’s more you’re not telling…

    Hope you do still dive though! I have hardly dived the last 2 years, was just looking at my log book yesterday. Bloody computers.

    Still enjoying Utila, I hope.


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