i’ve seen quite a few foreigners come to utila with the express purpose of retiring to paradise and making a small fortune by opening up a business on the side.

i’ve also listened very patiently over a few (lots of) beers to people who tried it on the honduran mainland.

some of these had some incredible stories to tell and lived to do just that.

some cases were just sad.

they all expect to have the same amenities and basic human rights they have “back home”.

it all boils down to doing your homework and getting all your legal ducks in a row.
and realizing you’re going to have to adapt to another culture.
even then it’s an adventure.

you’re not in kansas anymore.

today i ran across the blog of a woman who’s in the process of living that same adventure right now. she’s blogging all about it over at ‘the southern leap’.

it’s funny and informative for anybody who’s ever thought of living in another world.

a world of wonderful people, customs, and amazingly beautiful mountains, forests, and coral reefs.

i think she’s going to do just fine and i’m looking forward to seeing her at “bobs bar”.


11 Responses to “ex-pats”

  1. Bound for Ceiba Says:

    Wow, a post about me?! I’m humbled! (Especially since it didn’t condemn me to failure… šŸ™‚

    Starting a new business is inherently risky, and frankly so is moving to a new culture. When you combine the two, it can (for some) spell disaster, and fast.

    I hate to see people fail, and it’s quite sobering to chat with people in the area and hear all the stories of those who have… so I’m trying to be extremely cautious and plan way ahead. We shall see how that goes…

    But I love Honduras, and hope that my familiarity with the area, as well as experience living outside the US before, will at least help me with the acclimation part.

    *crosses fingers*

  2. Liar_Liar Says:

    And hopefully spanish will come easy……….

  3. bound for ceiba – i’m sure you’ll do fine. as you mentioned on your blog there’s a lot of help out there.
    plus, you are more prepared than most who do this on a whim (like i did).
    but the most important thing is attitude and i think you’re going to achieve your dream in a big way.

    good luck!

    liar_liar – there’s a lot of help for that here, too. it’s amazing how many hondurans speak english when you do them the courtesy of at least trying to learn the language.

  4. Liar_Liar Says:

    I am hoping so.

    the programs and books do not seem to be helping much.

  5. lilfeathers2000 Says:

    Nice post thanks

  6. You’re very right, living in a different country is different, and people that DO move need to make sure when they move that they aren’t wearting the famous “rose colored glasses” and expecting things to be the same as back home.

  7. Devon Ellington Says:

    If you want it to be “just like back home”, then don’t leave, right? Jeez, some people.

    I’ll check out the link next week when I catch up a bit — thanks!

  8. I had always wanted to go to Australia and work, not start my own biz at first just work and get a feel for the lay of the land…

    Been 20-years and I still haven’t done it… Who knows maybe soon…

  9. Paros Shepherd Says:

    I agree with most of the comments, especially about attitude being all important.

    Another aspect is the use of the word paradise. I call my blog Paros Paradise then frequently point out the underbelly of expat life.

  10. Mark Base Says:

    Sweden’s different too. But there aren’t that many Spanish people here. And they like meatballs (that’s no myth).

    Like the blog. Keep it up.

  11. eastcoastlife Says:

    Hello from Singapore!
    I’m thinking of moving to another country in another 2 years’ time. Reading your blog gives me an idea of what to expect. Thanks.
    Best wishes.

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