daylight saving time

according to the paper (la prensa) honduras is now officially on “old time”.

no more hanging out in the blazing sun until 7:30pm.

no more having to wait until almost 8 for that sunset beer. what a thing.

now we can all go about our business being late by the same clock.

it’s just not the same having a five o’clock beer and not doing the sand fly dance.

old time.

all is right with the world.


4 Responses to “daylight saving time”

  1. Devon Ellington Says:

    So now you’re having your five o’clock beer at 4? Works for me! 😉

  2. Askinstoo Says:

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  3. that’s exactly what makes it so special, Devon! lol

  4. There’s a country and western song , Alan Jackson ,called it’s 5 o’clock somewhere … all about having a beer .. not taht I’m into C&W , but the lyrics ring true to me lol.
    How’s life in Honduras ? The only clue I have is by reading Pappilon & Banco ,by Henri Charriere … he spent a while there in prison I think LOL.
    If you get time please pop by my site & leave me a Honduran flag , thanks in advance 🙂

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