bad things

the ubiquitous dr. fly

at this time of year the dr. fly is, indeed, everywhere in utila.

she’s called a dr. fly because , when one bites, you feel like you need a doctor.

(the males don’t bite, they are generally sitting around the bar discussing the finer points of the mating rituals of the praying mantis which, once you figure this out, tells you why they’re praying in the first place.)

dr. flies believe that, unless they are eaten by ants when they die, their souls will be trapped in “the swamp” for eternity.

dr. flies are more than just a nasty bite that makes you have to use all of your meat tenderizer for first aid. they are a reminder that we’re in the season of “no wind”. which means that we are also in the season of the sand fly more commonly known as the “no see um”.

this makes one “very cranky”.

which is why i felt absolutely no remorse at all in killing one of the little bastards this morning and throwing her in the sea for fish bait.


2 Responses to “bad things”

  1. Matt the Hat Says:

    You sir, are as nutty as I am!

  2. thank you…
    i’ll take that as a compliment!

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