my usual diving buddy went on a deep dive without me the other day.

he came back without an arm. the left one. ( the inflator/deflator arm.) this will drastically influence his future diving style.

he lost his feet in a previous dive while posing as a “missing diver”.
an unfortunate octopus encounter.

you can probably see how out of sorts he looks.

oh sure, i could take the easy way and blame the instructor who “borrowed” him but he’s canadian and i’m sure he wouldn’t be that careless. (of course, they did give us celine dion…)

so i can only surmise that it was the little known and highly elusive potato shark that shoulders the blame.


3 Responses to “tater”

  1. shirley Says:

    Potato sharks are the scariest. It’s those pop-in rows of sharp teeth!

  2. exactly!!

    and you never see them coming…

  3. Humm, pre-salted potato… gotta be a market for that!

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