yesterday i ventured a couple hundred metres outside my normal range.

there is a small grocery store here that is singlehandedly dragging the food business on utila into the 20th century.

two electric belt checkout stations, four double sided aisles, 14 glass upright cooler doors.
a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

a produce section (not that i ever go there for anything other than research you understand).

there are products here that i wasn’t aware were even available in honduras, much less on a small island.

14 types of cheese. olives stuffed with onions. american cereals that i have never heard of.

6 types of spam. spam with cheese. spam with bacon!? (life is good!)

heineken beer. dos equis.

all in all a very heady experience.

i have to go lie down.


5 Responses to “spam”

  1. Scuba_dude_Gene Says:

    Oh no, Jungle wandered past the ferry dock and ended up at Bushes’ Supermarket, well at least he didn’t cross the bridge down on the dark side of the Island. I hear there is a troll down that way.

  2. Devon Ellington Says:

    Good grocery stores are mini-paradises in themselves!

  3. Jenn of the Jungle Says:

    Damn, Spam with BACON!!!! There is a god.

  4. Jason Pickles Says:


  5. Janvangogh Says:

    If you aint eating Wham, you aint eating ham!

    (Gussie, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House).

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