canada day

happy canada day to all you hosers (this means you, Frasier) north of the border.

i’m sure it’ll be days before you see this (or anything else) but you all know who you are. enjoy the beer (it wouldn’t hurt to send a couple bottles of labatts down to utila ya know, eh?) and the bbq.

i personally will (in your names, of course) be using today to practice up for july 4th.



4 Responses to “canada day”

  1. stromania Says:

    Have a good Fourth! Wish I was able to deliver some Lonestar and Shiner to you.

  2. jungle Says:

    boy! that would be good!

  3. Jason Pickles Says:

    Happy Long Distance Canada Day and 4th of July!

  4. Dwight Staubi Says:

    everybody knows only a true Canadian would drink Molson.

    (unless youre going to a party, then bring some Labatt 50 to keep the leeches away:)

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