happy shiny new instructors

utila has produced yet another crop of outstanding instructors. well, out standing in the garden anyway.

from right to left: Dale (South Africa), Peter (Course Director), Jenni (USA), Geoff (Canada), and Gene (Canada). I´m not sure how that other guy got in the picture. (I´m not exactly sure what he was doing in the garden, either.)

congratulations all around! (Where´s the salva vida? Shouldn´t there be a salva vida?)

Dale, Jenni, and Geoff will be joining and enhancing the teams currently working at Bay Islands College of Diving and the Whale Shark Oceanic Research Center here in Utila. (We like to hire our own.)

Gene will be returning to the frozen north for some as yet unspecified goings on before diving into the scuba business full on.

(Where´s the bbq?)


4 Responses to “happy shiny new instructors”

  1. Jason Pickles Says:

    Congrats to one and all

  2. norrieaga Says:

    Hey Jungle, in some none-diving related news, Angie just came to Boston before her summer in Egypt. We both miss you.

  3. The BBQ will be tonight at Baracudas sponsored by my family…. thanks Noodle!!! There will be some eating and, if i may be so bold as to say, quite a bit of drinking.


  4. EuroYank Says:

    Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!

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