weekly accomplishments

it’s been five days and i still have my stubby holder (that’s beer koozie in american).

good job, jungle.

on another note the cockyness of our instructor candidates is starting to wear a little thin.
they are now facing the reality of meeting the instructor exam head on. it’s imminent.

three more days.

they are more than ready to be inducted into the utila hall of shame as full fledged instructors.
they’re just not quite as convinced as they were when this whole thing started.

i’d better order a few more cases of beer.


2 Responses to “weekly accomplishments”

  1. Jungle, we were hoping that the case of beer was FOR us… am i to understand that you bought that BECAUSE of us?

    Jenni, Dale, Geoff, and Gene

  2. jungle Says:

    absolutely…i’ve almost finished it.

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