care package

i got a care package from oz today (thanks, janina).

a friend of mine who is now working as a scuba instructor in exmouth (ningaloo: one of the whale shark capitals of the universe) sent me these stubby holders all the way from the other side of the world!

i’m really surprised that they got here in one piece. well, two pieces. three, actually, because there was a postcard as well.

they both work but the obviously female one is a little loose around the can. (there’s a joke there somewhere but i can’t quite get around it.)

i should probably expect that kind of thing from janina. i wonder how long it took her to find one like that.

she told me not to lose them on their first night here. (a lot of things that you probably don’t even want to know about get lost on their first night on utila.)

i’ll try to hold onto them.


2 Responses to “care package”

  1. Janina Says:

    Glad the package made it. I was wondering how long it’ll take… Enjoy many cool drinks! One Salva for me,please.

  2. LOST


    Stuff gets lost all the time in Utila, i.e.:
    Socks in a dryer – so I’ve heard that it uses electricity* to dry shit.

    *Electricity – Utila also lost this shit**
    **Shit – In Utila shit ain’t lost, you don’t find shit, shit finds you***.
    ***You – lost too?!

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